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DR. SIN (Brazil): Rock and Heavy

Gregory Crimson (Swiss): Pop/Rock Songwriter

Death Rock  

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October 20/2023
THE BLACK ACADEMY confirmed for June 27th 2023 at the TOPFEST in Slovakia

April 22/2023 
I am very happy to read the comments regarding the latest video of the Swiss band "The Black Academy" with the song "I Miss That Feeling" released 2022 from the Album "The Devil's Home".

The many positive comments, especially from people new to this kind of music, makes those people who work in this biz realize that "THE BLACK ACADEMY" could, and I emphasize could, be the next band to success. I am very happy to have discovered this talented band. Time is proving me right, hard work and believing in what you do is always the key to success.
The band is ready to stand in front of the audience and embrace their next bright future.

April 16/2023
After 2 long years of Covid, the band finally started working again and available for single shows 2023/24 and for Festivals 2024.

I thank all the numerous fans, who viewed (+300 thousand) videos and left their comments, wishing to see these 5 fantastic guys live in one of their cities. With pleasure I announce that we are working in order to fulfill all your wishes.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. SolMusic Management

September  26/2021
DR.SIN 30 Anniversary

September 18/2021
DR SIN has been nominated in the Rock category of HOLLYWOOD MUSIC IN MEDIA AWARDS with the song 27, from the last CD "Back Home Again".

The final will be in November in Hollywood, USA. 

January 11/2021
WORLD SONG WRITING AWARDS ************************************
Another beautiful news for Gregory Crimson that opens 2021 very well. The song "MACHINES", one of the most beautiful songs written by the young Swiss Artist, reached the final with 3 other Artists for the award for Best Songwriter and Rock Song.

October 18/2020
THE BLACK ACADEMY is  working on the new Official Website of the band and I started to shop the labels to get record deals. Lots of interest around this band...Soon other news. Band picture and official music video will be soon online. At the moment you can listen the band on ReverbNation

June 19/2020
THE BLACK ACADEMY songwriter and frontman Gregory Crimson just finished to produce and mixing the new band Album. I am ready shopping the labels around the world.

June 21/2020
I've never been as proud as I was yesterday when I received an email from "HOLLYWOOD MUSIC MEDIA AWARDS" saying "GREGORY CRIMSON" NOMINATED with his latest fantastic song HERE COMES THE END. He will be in Hollywood in November 18th 2020. Big names of international music have been nominated over the years... For example, Earth Wind & Fire, Gilby Clarke, Shelita Burke and many others. A lot of work but a lot of satisfaction. Thank you Gregory Crimson for your amazing Music. I'm your first big fan ...

June 14/2020
THE BLACK ACADEMY songwriter and frontman Gregory Crimson is working to ultimate the songs for the Swiss Dark Grunge band. The Album will be ready in autumn 2020. I'll keep you all informed about the future development of the album and certainly the band's first major PROMOTIONAL TOUR.

May 23/2020
HERE COMES THE END written by Gregory Crimson is in *1st position* in the INDIE PLAY CHARTS 2020 - Rock Ballad Section. The song MACHINES written by Gregory Crimson is *in 2nd position* in the INDIE PLAY CHARTS 2020 - Rock Ballad Section. I thank all the fans and Stations for loving the Artist.

May 3/2020
Adnan Alhamdan is soon coming to Canada and finally his project Storm Of Death will go ahead to get ready for the final production and mixing ready to shop in the labels.

May 3/2020
Gregory Crimson  has just finished writing a wonderful fundraising song to donate to hospitals in the canton of Ticino Switzerland that are on the front line against the Covid-19 war. The song "HERE COMES THE END" will soon be available on amazon store. I thank you in advance for your sure collaboration, every donation will safe a life! Soon I will post all the info.

April 30/2020
Today, 20.00 to 22.00 Turkish time, Gregory Crimson and DR. SIN will play on ROCK STATION show (since from 1993), prepared and presented by Hicri Bozdag. To listen Radio: (push at the button that says CANLI) Don’t miss it!

April 20/2020
I'm very proud of my artists, especially when you hear their songs on the radios. Thanks to Mike Smith of Hard Rock Hell Radio in the UK for introducing on Monday's program April 20th, GREGORY CRIMSON (The Black Academy frontman from Switzerland) and his solo album, and the legendary Brazilian Rock band DR. Sin.



The new album “The Devil’s Home” is now available on all digital stores! Make sure to check it out on your favorite online store, we’re so excited to see you on tour, stay safe. The Black Academy


DR. SIN - 2020
DR. SIN's new album, "Back Home Again” marks in addition to the release the bands' 9th album, the return of hard rock giant formed by Andria Busic (vocal and bass), Ivan Busic (drums and vocals) and Thiago Melo (guitar and vocals). After a two-year break from activities and after 25 years of existence, DR SIN announced his return, recruiting as guitarist, Thiago Melo. "This return is our renewal. The band is our life," exclaims drummer Ivan Busic. "Back Home Again” is a super production with 13 tracks and has everything to shake the world scene. The band has signed an international contract with Italian label Valery Records and in Brazil the album is distributed by Shinigami Records. The tour will be epic, after all, it is a return more than dreamed by the fans and crowned with a cd that, according to the members, is among the best of the career. "Back Home Again” is available on all digital platforms. Prepare your ears and heart.